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Pamela Chapman Markle

Pam is 62 years old.  She is a graduate of, “University of Michigan” and is a nurse Anesthetist with 30 years of experience.  She raised three daughters to adulthood as a single mother and now has three grandchildren.  Pam is a licensed sailboat captain, an avid motorcyclist, surfer and Inspirational Speaker.

Cancer Free after being told that she had only months to live at age 19, Pam has made fitness and nutrition a way of life.  Although she ran by herself after work for many years, she had never run a race, even a 5K.  Then, at age 55 she decided to run her first race and selected the, “Rocky Raccoon 100 mile Ultra Marathon” in Huntsville, Texas.  Battling severe electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, hypothermia, and a fractured tibia, she willed herself to finish in 28 hours, 45 minutes and 7 seconds.

In 2012, Pam ran the Florida, “Keys 100” from Key Largo to Key West and finished First in her age group, 40th overall, with a time of 25:31:01.

In 2013 Pam ran in, “Peanut Island 12 hour,” finishing second overall female, 3rd overall racer.

In 2013 Pam ran the Florida, “Keys 100” for a second time. She again won her age group and finshed 25th overall out of 107 men and women with a time of 25:11:49.

In 2013 Pam ran,” Houston’s Running Festival 100K” and won first place overall men and women with a time of 13:55.

2014  Pam ran, ” Florida Keys 100 and plans to run Badwater 135 mile race in Death Valley in 2015 at age 60 determined to set an all time age group world record.

2014 Pam ran, “Brazo’s100 Mile” where she won the USATF Masters, and won her age group, completing 6th overall female.

2015 Pam ran, “Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile”.  She set a new course record for her age which had not been broken for 13 years and won her age group 55-59yr., and took third overall Masters.

2015 Pam ran, “Keys100 Mile.”  She won  her age group 55-59yr.

2016 Pam ran, “Brazil135 mile race”.  She won 3rd overall female, set a course record for her age.

2016 Pam ran, “Badwater Salton Sea”.  This race made you run with a team partner, not allowing either person alone .  If one quits the other quits.  They finished well under the time allowed.

2016 Pam ran, “Badwater135”.  She won and set a course record where she beat the one by three hours that was previous standing.  Her time was 41:02.

2016 Pam ran, “Blazing 777’s 100K”, where she won 1st masters, 1st age group.

2016 Pam ran, “Javelina Jundred” where is placed 18th Female overall and 1st age group .

2016 Pam ran,” Daytona100″ and pr’d her time at 21:29.

2017 Pam ran, “Badwater Cape Fear” and finished 10:14 breaking the age record.

2017 Pam ran the, “Austin Rattler”. where she won her age group and automatically qualified entrance to the 2018 Leadville100 race.

2017 Pam ran, “Badwater Salton Sea”, where she finished with her partner in 22:07.

2017 Pam ran, “Keys100”, where she won her age group and finished in 25:25.

2017 Pam ran, “Badwater135”, where she podium 3rd overall female, beating her age group record by over 5 hours {Which she held} and ending with a time of 35:48.

2017 Pam ran, “Tahoe200 Rim Trail”, and finished in 98 hours.

2017 Pam ran, “Arkansas Traveler”, beating the age group record by over 2 hours and finishing in 25:33.

Though, she is still working forty hours a week, she finds time to train for each race.  She is currently working on her first book, “100 Miles of Prayer”.

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