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OFF To The Race!!!!!

The Rocky Raccoon Race results turned out very satisfying for me!  I ended up first place in my age group, setting a new course record for my age that had not been broken in 12 years, and taking 3rd overall masters!  I was extremely pleased !

Today I head to, the “Keys100″ to again participate in 100 miles of fun from Key Largo to Key West!  There is always more competition as the years go on but I love this race!  My only competitor is myself and I hope to beat my time!  The purpose of this run is to show how much strength you have in life to continue even when your mind and body tells you to, ” stop or quit”.  This run will be for Darla.  A most beautiful lady who has breast cancer and is going threw a rough chemo treatment right now.  The drugs have changed her appearance and she is doubting several things in her life.  She will draw strength from her husband as I do my husband at mile 80 when I just want to quit and go to bed.  She hurts, she’s nauseated, she’s ugly on the outside and she just wants to,”quit”.  This is when God put s  her husband in her life to change her shoes and tell her, “your almost there and you are doing great!”  She draws from her SOUL and sees that the last 20 miles is God pushing you to the end!  This one is for you……….

Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Ultra Run

My husband and I went to Huntsville on Friday evening after working eight hours heading for the, “Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Ultra Endurance Run.  This was my very first 100 Mile Run that I had completed only Four years ago.  Tomorrow, January 31st I will run my eight Ultra Marathon.  I had just completed another 100 Mile Marathon at Brazo’s Bend only 6 weeks ago so I am hoping my muscles are recovered for another 100 Mile.

New Minimalist Running Shoes

After my Florida Keys Race back in May of 2014 my hips were on fire.  I had lost all the toenails on my left foot but none on my right. I had the usual aches and pains but wanted to work these last few months on fueling and getting back to running with zero drop shoes. So, began training with the shoe, “Altra” and after several months of calf spasms I was finally off to a great start!  I feel my gate has improved and I am so much more in control of my running!  I am literally pain free from pounding all those miles.  I do have to say I have switched shoes and am now in a shoe called, “SKORA”.  I love these shoes!!!!!!

The fueling came last weekend when I took a trip to Austin Texas for a one on one appointment with, Valerie Hunt.  She is a,”Pose Method”, running coach and an awesome lady.  She taught me the biomechanics of running and perfected my gate!  She also is a Paleo follower and gave me a bag of a new fuel called, “3Fu3l”.  It is made with grass fed whey protein, coconut, and a starch.  Very low carb.  This is the fit for me!  I will be fueling on my next run with this drink and that will be in three weeks!  She also coached me on the importance of strength training to prevent injury!  So true!!!

Always remember,“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”
― Vince Lombardi

Keep on thinking strong!!!

Stay Strong Even in The Weakest Moments

I start out running slow, I do have 100 miles so why rush?  That is how I feel about life.  Always starting slow.  I am not in control of my life situations, however, I am in control of how I handle them.  You work hard at it….{train hard, eat right, recover}, trying to do better spiritually with every new day you are gifted with.  There always is a change in your plan with life or the marathon.  It rains, your developing blisters, you have a case of raging diarrhea!  Lose your job, argue with your spouse, your kids have gone down the wrong path.  My plan is all about my attitude and how I handle change even negative change.  My lessons have always brought me to become a better leader, spiritually a better Christian, and a better runner. Through downfalls, I have become stronger.  I do NOT GIVE UP.  You cannot.  You have to thank God for the trials, know that this will build your character and make you a better person all around even when things do not turn out your way.  Stay strong, smile even when it is hard, and know someone other than you will carry your pain.  The outcome will become amazing in the end!

Training For A New Race

I have signed up for a new race in Colorado approaching in five weeks.  I have new challenges to take on with altitude, hills, and hydration.  I have been training hard and preparing for the September 6th race.  I am hoping to meet several world champion runners at this race.  I cannot wait!

Pain and Suffering

I believe a good runner who finishes his race no matter what the circumstance has got the race mind set needed for racing. I feel by running I can achieve anything I set my mind to do.  It makes me feel that the problem will become my greatest opportunity.  I feel strong at the end and confident.  It erases all the cobwebs in my mind and clears my thoughts.  I feel my muscles, “ache” while training but I know someone else is aching in this world.  Running lets you know there is an end to the suffering.  It is a healthy release of all pain and a knowledge that the body will survive.  It centers who  you are.  Bring it on…………it is the greatest challenge for yourself.

“The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.”

― Deepak Chopra

Back to Running…..

I went out for 15 miles this morning.  It was 87 degrees, humidity 67% and very hot.  My hamstring was still bothering me but I plowed very slow threw the run.  It has brought back many reasons why I love this sport.  It allows my breathing to sync with my body.  Feeding oxygen to it’s needed organs and muscles.  It allows my mind to come back to create and think what ever my heart desires, it quiets down from all the stresses life puts on you.  I become part of the earth, taking just the energy needed and exchanging back what it needs from me.  I am grateful for this life and am grateful with this connection.  I don’t live to run, I run to live.  It corrects my spirit and my body sinking harmony with the earth.  I am grateful to be able to enjoy something that centers everything about me.  I am a runner.  An ULTRA RUNNER

“Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness.”

― Eric Thomas

100 mile Race Finished

I finished the Keys100 Race in a time that was not my best.  All the books tell you that you will have a bad race that is just how it goes.  This was mine.  It started with me not feeling well the morning of the race.  I had stomach issues and felt flu-ish.  Then they started people in different, “heats” this year.  I came in 25th overall last year but because of my age they stuck me in the fourth heat.  I could not get my watch to work so I did not know how fast I was going and as it turned out I was going way to fast.  Then, my water bottle broke.  I felt my issues piling one after the other.   After 15 miles I started getting a severe stomach upset and ended in the ditch throwing up and mass diarrhea.    I got back on my feet, slowed way down and continued to race.  The nausea never went away it only got worse.  My daughter jumped in to pace me and tried to get me to eat something.  My kidneys had stopped working for over nine hours.  I was still trying to hydrate and slowly could see an end.  The wind was 27-30 mph and almost knocked me off the bridges.  I finally saw the finish line and Spencer and Stacy joined me to my finish.  I learned plenty from this race and am looking for another to run in 12 weeks.

“Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’ when things are tough.”

― Richard M. DeVos

I had great, “pushes”.  Surround yourself with optimistic people.  They are your winners.