Speed Workout

It is necessary even for distance runners to work on speed.  I feel it gets your body back into producing fast acting energy.  It is not my favorite workout!  We need to fine tune the short and long supply of energy stores.  Speed is really not a goal in Ultrarunning, it is finishing.  You are really not in competition with anyone but yourself.  If we could remember this on everyday living, life really would not be that demanding.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the passions of life. Proverbs 4:30

Run, Bike, Swim

Yesterday, I divided my workout among the three.  I average around two and a half to three hours of workout everyday.  I feel strong, renewed, and ready for what ever comes when I have finished my workouts.

“Life is hard.”  Scott Peck,  I feel that once you come to terms with this then it isn’t such a let down.  For it is the hardships that you learn and grow the most from.  It is the lesson that life brings to know you are better today than you were yesterday.

Sunday….fun day!

Today, easy ten miles.  This is considered my recovery run.  I felt good!  It is always important to pack enough fluid and electrolytes for your run.   It makes a big difference in how you feel and how you perform.  It has taken me the full three years to, “learn” what my body requires.  You can read 100 books on nutrients and nutrition and 99 of them won’t fit what your body  needs.  Only you can decide what works for you.  I have finally found my concoction!

“Success in life comes to those who simply refuse to give up; individual with vision so strong that obstacles, failure and loss only act as teachings”.  Silken Laumann

Weekend Run

I love weekends!!!!  It is always a,”catch-up” day for me on my training!  I am going to run 25 miles today.  I will then eat, go lift weights, and swim for 30 minutes.  I take Saturdays to be my busy workout day.  The long run is an important run.  If you are a distance runner and don’t feel like running everyday, skip the short run in my opinion, but do not skip the long run!!!

Be true to your heart…..

I started running for many reasons, one is how it works  on my heart.  The older I get, the more true I try to live.  I must live threw my heart.  Trust that we all make miles and miles of mistakes on a daily basis.  What is important is to find the strength to recognize and repair.  I pray every time I lace my shoes and hit the road that I am grateful for  the chance to be forgiven.    The One emotion that  everyone craves and needs is LOVE.  Know that you can put the scars away and allow someone to love you.  In return, give it back, always, give more than you receive.

Psalms 73 :26  “My body and my heart fail, but God is my heart’s rock and my share forever.


Wednesday with Dr. Thea Taylor

I have a standing Wednesday appointment with Dr. Thea.  She is a chiropractor and owner of , ” CrossFit Bay Area”.  I met Dr. Thea after my 2013 race in the Florida Keys.  I had been recommended to visit her on two small injuries I had.  She was so helpful with her treatment, recommended stretches, and weight training to strengthen my weaknesses, I remained her client for one hour a week on conditioning and stretching.  As a runner, we have hip and I.T. issues.  I believe she is a big part in my overall win with how she has handled my care and rehabilitation.  She also is big into nutrition as I am.  She follows the Paleo diet as I have done for two years.  She gives lectures on nutrition at her facility.  So grateful to have her!!!

Tuesday workout…..

I worked eight hours then off to the gym!!!!  I did a speed workout for 60 minutes and weights for 1.5 hours then home to a good healthy meal!!!  Fueling is extremely important.  To bed no later than ten!

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”  2 Corinthians 5:7

Monday, Monday!!!!

Monday’s have always been a challenge for me!  I awake each morning at 04:00 am to get ready for my job.  The hospitals start early and when I get finished from work, I rush home to work out.  I do listen to my body.  I train specifically with how I feel…..I always feel better after the training.  That is the real bonus!  Your body wants the workout!!!!

Running for Stillness

I listen for the stillness in my heart, once that is found many joyous messages are sent to me by our creator.  I do not want to waist time running from something that really isn’t there…….Life is very short.  Death is certain.  Live today as if it were your last race.