After Stem Cell Therapy Healed Her Fractured Femoral Head Pamela Chapman-Markle Conquered Brazil 135

Written by: Miriam Diaz-Gilbert
Photo Credits: Elton Lima & Pamela Chapman-Markle

Pamela Chapman-Markle, 66, never ceases to amaze.

She holds course records, and has set USATF and world age records in the 12-hour and 24-hour running events. Pamela holds a USATF 48-hour age and course record, and her age group course record at Badwater 135. With over 40 ultramarathons, her stats in Ultrarunning Magazine are impressive.embodies the strength it takes to be a star ultramarathon runner.

For Pamela, a cancer survivor, grandmother, and retired nurse anesthetist, there is no obstacle that will sideline her for long, and that she can’t overcome. In February 2021, at the Pier to Pier 200K ultramarathon in Florida, she was in pain. “I couldn’t lift my leg. I couldn’t lift my knee up. My hip was going in and out. I could feel that.” Pamela dropped out at mile 65.

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