I have just started working out with a, “heart rate monitor variability device.”  This gives me information on how rested my body is everyday.

It helps me realize how I will train on that day whether it is   high intensity or a lighter measurement.

I have 9 weeks running and I am entered in another one hundred mile marathon.  This puts stress on my thoughts for the need for more training.  We have to accept on a daily basis that we are not in control of our life.  We are lead everyday to make choices, some good, some not so good.  Ultimately, you must let go and allow the acceptance of your desires to be lead in a positive way.  I try and do this everyday but in reality it must be done every minute.

I will train moderate today, with a four hour easy run.  I will meditate and be grateful that today God has given me another day to learn my path.  I will allow my body to recover as long as it takes.  I will accept it has not recovered fully.

“Understanding is the first step to Acceptance and Only with Acceptance there can be Recovery.”

~ Sandra Kathleen Rawling
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