Always be prepared for, “Plan B”

Ultra running mimics life in my eyes.  When race day comes you don’t know how the weather is going to be, how you slept the night before, or how your body feels about running 100 miles that day.

I have had many occurrences happen in life where the plan just was not going the way it was written!  You must deal with what is given to you.

My first 100 mile race in Florida it rained for 9 hours.  I had not been prepared for that and the things I learned from that race!  I still won my age group, and was in the top 15 woman finishers.

I now know to bring a rain coat, extra shoes, and a good hat to keep the water off my face.  Learn that if your plan doesn’t work for you  that day, learn from the lesson  and still challenge yourself  allowing  your instincts to lead you. Go for it!!!

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