Amazing things happen, but first you must believe they will.

There are several comments made to me from friends, family and strangers on why they think I am running 100 miles.  Some believe I am running away from something.  Some believe I am trying to kill myself.  Some believe I don’t want to accept myself growing old.  I do not think of the negative.  None of those thoughts are there.

I knew from the first day I decided to run my first 100 mile marathon I could do it and I would.  I believed that I could complete the 100 mile and I did not doubt that at all.  My answer to you is, dream hard, believe and imagine that you can do it.  Do not let anyone,”CRUSH” your dreams.  Find someone supportive to keep you focused on your, “Amazing Thing”.

Remember, do not follow the advise of someone that does not know your spirit as well as you do.

“Ye of Little Faith”

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