Badwater Cape Fear 2019

I arrived at Cape Fear Ferry on Friday with Spencer around 12:30. As we waited with excitement I really was happy with the weather being 65 degrees and hardly any wind. The sun was shining! We boarded the ferry and had a nice ride to the island where we were transported to the house that we rented.

We settled in, unpacked, gotten in touch with Kerry Kanuga {The ultra runner sharing the house} and got out the golf cart. Off to Registration to pick up my packet, get picture with the race director Chris Kostman, and buy, “Badwater” extra’s!

This will be my third time running the beach at Cape Fear. It consists of running 12 miles threw the streets and trails on the island and ending up on the beach, out and back two times. This year was extremely hard the last loop of the beach which was approximately 20 miles because of the tide. It had come in so everyone ended up running in soft sand and 4 inches of wet sand the entire time! The winds were very strong so it tested the strength greatly for 20 miles with my legs having to handle the water, sand, and wind!

The volunteers were unbelievably helpful and assisted at giving you what you required. They also helped with cheering and making sure you did not turn the wrong way. Special thanks for all their help!

Finally, finishing up at the end you are greeted always by the Race director, Chris Kostman with a buckle and a picture to finish your victory completion. Special thanks to Chris for once again putting on a fantastic race and being there to the end. I love all his races and they are by far the best organized in the world.

I can not close without thanking the most important and supportive man in my life Spencer Markle. He takes much heat over being in the background but in reality he is my center and always is there looking after me. I cannot express how important that is!

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