Badwater135 Worlds Toughest Foot Race

I am tapering now in training preparing myself for the 135 mile race in Death Valley California. Although I am challenging the course record for a 60 year female, I feel I am very strong and I have many people to be grateful for.

I do all this as a spiritual challenge. A time to reflect on how much we are all driven by our FAITH. I am truly a, “Gods Girl”, and know that it is his hand that takes me to the finish line. With temperatures up to 130 degrees during the day and the road temperature measuring 158 degrees that is the most challenging aspects of the race. Many people have asked me who trains me. My trainer since February 2016 has be Lisa Smith Batchen.

The most wonderful Soul you will ever meet. Google her name and you can read how accomplished she is. I ran into several of her students in Brazil and they praised her coaching abilities. I called her a week when I got home. She has challenged me with cross training, dietary, tire pulling, and taken into account recovery. I cannot say enough about her. She is fantastic…and a world ultra runner champion.

Next is my family. My girls are the most fantastic ever and they were with me my first Ultra marathon. I would not have finished it with out them. They are such a joy and gift in my heart! God has given me three blessings overtime I look in their eyes!

Then there is my husband, “Spencer Markle”. He is the most amazing man ever. The man knows me like the back of his hand. He is not a runner but has been to all my races but one. He has been the only support crew I have had until this upcoming race. He forfeits our weekends allowing me to train hard and is my number one supporter! He always is there for me at every stop taking care of my nutritional and emotional needs. Such a wonderful man. My life has been enriched since I started sharing it with him!

I am so excited to have two men joining us to pace and help Spencer crew me. I met both of these men in Brazil this year one day before the race. I was helped by them at different times before and during the race and the experience I had was enlightening! I decided to ask them to help me in Badwater and they accepted! Both of them are accomplished Ultra runners and have been to Badwater135 several times! I am truly blessed to have Jarome Thurston and Andre Nader crewing and pacing me!

Life is about sharing and helping others with their needs. These are the people that I surround myself with. How can I fall?!

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

~ Philippians 2:4
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