Brazil 135 Mile Race 2016

I am off this Saturday to Beautiful Brazil! I am so excited and blessed to be a part of the adventure. Although I have been ultra running for just five years, I have never rain a 135 mile race! The feelings of excitement and nervousness are all wrapped up in one! I always feel I have not trained enough! I do work 40 hours a week and train when I get home and on weekends! Sleep has been my focus these three months to recover properly and to go into this race STRONG!

More to come! Prayers!!!

I am leaving on Saturday for the 135 Mile race in Brazil! I have not been this excited about a race since my first 100 mile five years ago! Definitely, the main goal is to have fun and be safe! I’ll experience the nature I have never seen before and steal the energy the earth is awaiting to give to my body! The race is on the 21st. Prayers please from all who think about it and more to come from the blessed experience!!!!

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