Cleveland Endurance Run

Leaving on Friday for Cleveland, Ohio I had mixed feelings about this race. One of excitement, it was my last race for my age group 55-59 year, and one of fear, I had not trained well enough in my mind and I was going into this race with an injury.

The weather Friday was sunny and warm for the Lake Erie winds but I knew that could change any time.

Saturday getting to Edgewater Park at 7:00 am I picked up my packet and proceeded to help Spencer set up my tent. The weather was cool for me, 62 degrees and it was predicted to rain all day. I hate running in the rain. The race started at 0900 am and I was off running! My strong point was, I had decided I was going to have fun with this race and not worry about the gifted competition.

It was a national USATF Race. The winds were 17mph, and the rain came so I was soaked all day long. With being soaked comes blisters and chafing. I finished the race and won my age group 55-59 Year female, came in 10th overall woman, and 43 overall Racer! There were a total of 166 Racers so I felt I had accomplished a great deal!

This was my 10th ultra run in 4 years. My blessings are being counted!

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