The workouts have been hard for me this week with speed, endurance and weights.  I have had a busy week at work and finding the energy to complete my training has had its pull.  The food I eat, the water I drink, the sleep I maintain all play a role.

A huge factor is the amount of emotional stress that pulls on my body.  It is all about knowing where you are at and finding balance.  People always have commented on how much discipline I have.  Being a single mother has taught me this tool.  I believe it has developed over my life and I have taken it to help balance my needs.

My friend Robin said,”Discipline is Discipling.”  I could not have said that better.  It was perfecting my endurance, so I could find my way of listening to the needs my body has.  That includes staying connected to the environment and listening to my spirit as I run.

I believe to achieve great things, discipline is a path to success.

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