Life Without Limits!

The human age expectancy has increased greatly over the last few decades mainly by factors such as better sanitation, improvements in medicine, and clean drinking water.  That means we are all going to live longer.   I have friends tell me they are  going to work until they could not anymore.  They also tell me they do not know what they would do if they sat at home all day.  I could not bear the thought of feeling my life was all about my job.

I decided once my children were raised and I had the,  “empty nest” syndrome starting, that my new life goals  were going to change and on a daily basis.  I turned 54 years old and decided to learn how to surf.  I took 10 days and went to a surf camp and learned how.  I then started traveling to different parts of the country in between my races to surf.

When I turned 55 I decided to run 100 miles and I got hooked.  I had never ran a marathon before, but I knew I could complete it……and I did.  I decided after that to perfect my running and here I am.  Spencer has said to me, ” I think you would rather die than not run.”

My thoughts are not his they are this:

To accomplish a 100 mile race, it makes me know that no matter your age, life still is exciting and full of opportunities. So it is not that I love running so much.  I love how  running empowers my spirit and body and mind. 

Running for me makes me feel that…

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