OFF To The Race!!!!!

The Rocky Raccoon Race results turned out very satisfying for me!  I ended up first place in my age group, setting a new course record for my age that had not been broken in 12 years, and taking 3rd overall masters!  I was extremely pleased !

Today I head to the “Keys100” to again participate in 100 miles of fun from Key Largo to Key West!  There is always more competition as the years go on but I love this race!

My only competitor is myself and I hope to beat my time!  The purpose of this run is to show how much strength you have in life to continue even when your mind and body tells you to, ” stop or quit”.

This run will be for Darla.  A most beautiful lady who has breast cancer and is going threw a rough chemo treatment right now.  The drugs have changed her appearance and she is doubting several things in her life.  She will draw strength from her husband as I do my husband at mile 80 when I just want to quit and go to bed.  She hurts, she’s nauseated, she’s ugly on the outside and she just wants to,”quit”.

This is when God puts her husband in her life to change her shoes and tell her, “your almost there and you are doing great!”  She draws from her SOUL and sees that the last 20 miles is God pushing you to the end!

This one is for you…

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