Running Shoes

Everyone asks me about the shoes I wear.  First, during the 100 mile race I change my shoes about 4 times.  Second, you need to train on the shoe you are racing in.

Everyone has a different foot and the feel in the shoe at the end of the training should be your best judgement of how well the shoe performed.  I started with Mizuno,  tried several Asics and ended in Brooks every time.

I have been running exclusively in Brooks until I purchased a new shoe called Altra zero drop.  I have been running on this shoe for two weeks and love it!

The concept of this shoe is it is flat and a lot of room for the toes.  My body felt great during the run and the next day for my recovery run.  I am running large volume of miles right now so the shoe is a huge choice.  I am sold.

We will see how it holds out in my up coming race in 7 weeks!  I’m so excited!!!!

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