Stay Strong Even in The Weakest Moments

I start out running slow, I do have 100 miles so why rush?  That is how I feel about life.  Always starting slow.

I am not in control of my life situations, however, I am in control of how I handle them.  You work hard at it….{train hard, eat right, recover}, trying to do better spiritually with every new day you are gifted with.

There always is a change in your plan with life or the marathon.  It rains, your developing blisters, you have a case of raging diarrhoea!  Lose your job, argue with your spouse, your kids have gone down the wrong path.  My plan is all about my attitude and how I handle change even negative change.  My lessons have always brought me to become a better leader, spiritually a better Christian, and a better runner.

Through downfalls, I have become stronger.  I do NOT GIVE UP.  You cannot.  You have to thank God for the trials, know that this will build your character and make you a better person all around even when things do not turn out your way.

Stay strong, smile even when it is hard, and know someone other than you will carry your pain.  The outcome will become amazing in the end!

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