I read all sorts of articles on training for endurance, speed, strength, and recovery.   It is said that with each year you age you loose one pound of muscle mass just from having another birthday.

Running is a natural sport although challenging in many ways.  The articles don’t tell you as an, “ageing adult elite athlete”, you must spend extra time in maintaining your muscle mass that regular ageing destroys if not challenged.

I figured this out after my first Ultra marathon three years ago. I love running but  weight lifting is so challenging to me.  The affects that I receive from weight lifting give me balance, muscle definition and strength, and it allows my gait to stay stable.

Then comes the mental alertness that follows after the strength training session!  I lift weights five days a week.  I feel this is so important in prevention of injury.  I like the results that I see from the effort!  So it is not that I work so hard just  to run a distance.

I am working extra hard to prevent injury,  to slow the ageing process in my muscles, and show that no matter your age, you have the strength to go on.

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