Topo shoe race review

I started ultra running less than 7 years ago.  I have learned through trial and error many things.  One of those, “things”, are shoes.

I switched to a zero drop shoe around 4 years ago because of continuous nagging injuries that had occurred with many of my, “overuse”, injuries.  I had researched and learned that going to a shoe that mimics your natural barefoot form would be great to training the body to, “run naturally”.  This has prevented many injuries and helped rehabilitate others.  I was used to wearing the shoe, “Altra”, because at that time it was the only shoe that had offered no elevation in the heel.  After about a year the injuries disappeared and my feet became stronger and tougher.

I then went to a shoe called, “Skora”, to train in because it was zero drop and much more like, “barefoot” than the Altra shoes.  The problem was, Skora went out of business and the Altra shoes started becoming unreliable.  {The soles breaking down during the race and the separation of the soles from the shoe early on.}  This was so disappointing for me especially since I use about 3 pairs of shoes per month.

I then started researching zero drop shoes.  More companies have started producing them.  One of those companies is called, “Topo shoes”.  What to expect from them?  A shoe that has the most comfortable fit you have ever imagined.  It also is the lightest weighted shoe I have worn.  The support on the bottom is fantastic and much better than any I have ever worn.  It makes me feel like I am barefoot running without the trauma.  The one thing I hear at the last 20 miles of my races are competitors, “crying” because their feet hurt too much to continue.

I have never had that problem and feel it is because I have trained my body to run with a minimalist shoe.

The Topo shoe meets all my expectations and will be running in them when I break the all time USA 100 mile and 24 hour records this next year.

I highly recommend you to try a pair!

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