Faster with Age: Pamela Chapman-Markle Sets Another Ultra Record

By Miriam Diaz-Gilbert

Eight years after entering the world of ultrarunning, the 5′ 6″, 114 pound Pamela Chapman-Markle, 63, is not slowing down.

In fact, she’s getting faster. In November she placed 1st female and 5th overall in 20:58:24 setting a new USTAF record in her age group at the 2018 Kansas Rails-to-Trails 100 mile ultra.

In July 2018, Pamela shaved off 1 hour and 18 minutes from a course record she set in the 60-65 age group at the 2017 Badwater 135, where she placed 3rd overall female in 35:48:31. In 2018, Pamela placed 6th overall female and crossed the finish in 34:30:53 setting a new Badwater course record in her age group.

I first interviewed Pamela in October 2017. Here’s the link to the interview.

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I compete against myself. I go into a race with competition for my own training.

~ Pamela Chapman Markle