Houston nurse, 60, sets record in Death Valley’s Badwater ultra-marathon

By Haley Hernandez – Health Reporter

Badwater ultra-marathan is considered the toughest race in the world, taking runners through Death Valley in California.

It’s 135 miles with equally high temperatures.

“It’s been 129 degrees every day in Death Valley this week,” Pamela Chapman Markle said.

Badwater allows athletes 48 hours to run 135 miles in temperatures so hot it will melt the soles off your shoes.

While most participants don’t even finish the course, 60-year-old Pamela Chapman Markle doesn’t just plan to participate, she wants to prove something.

“I have a goal to beat the course record that is held there right now for 60-year-old woman. The record is at 44 hours and I intend to do between 38 and 40,” she said.

Edit: The original article is no longer available, but I found a video from the same report.

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