The Pandemic Hasn’t Stopped Ultrarunner Pamela Chapman Markle From Setting USA and World Records

By: Miriam Diaz-Gilbert

I never tire of interviewing Pamela Chapman Markle.

And she never tires of running grueling hours and distances, and setting USA and world records in in her age group, not even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I recently interviewed Pamela about what it’s been like during the pandemic. It hasn’t been much fun. “Nine races cancelled on me. Badwater and Spartathlon were the last two cancelled. I was literally depressed about it,” she lamented. “But I helped a lot race directors because a lot of cancellations did not defer. In the Badwater series you lost every penny you sent.”

Pamela was one of twelve Americans given special permission to head to Greece in September only to learn a week before flying to Greece that Spartathlon was cancelled.

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