Your body is an amazing machine.  It will achieve what ever you require and expect out of it.  You must treat it with care.  Feed it, rest it, stretch it.

You can build your endurance it takes weeks and months of training. I use a,”three-fer” method for my build.  I start with a certain amount of time and build for three days.  On day four I cut way back and give my body a shake up.  It allows it to heal and gets it ready for the next challenge.  I also do this weekly.  It works the best for me and I have seen good results.  I also go by perceived exertion as apposed to heart rate.  I have been at this for years so this works best for me.  Find out what your body responds to and then challenge it.  It will be an eye opener and a great gift for yourself.  Keep your heart strong!  Everything else will follow it’s lead!

Amazing things happen, but first you must believe they will.

There are several comments made to me from friends, family and strangers on why they think I am running 100 miles.  Some believe I am running away from something.  Some believe I am trying to kill myself.  Some believe I don’t want to accept myself growing old.  I do not think of the negative.  None of those thoughts are there.  I knew from the first day I decided to run my first 100 mile marathon I could do it and I would.  I believed that I could complete the 100 mile and I did not doubt  that at all.  My answer to you is, dream hard, believe and imagine that you can do it.  Do not let anyone,”CRUSH” your dreams.  Find someone supportive to keep you focused on your, “Amazing Thing”.  Remember, do not follow the advise of someone that does not know your spirit as well as you do.

“Ye of Little Faith”

Pressing forward on tired legs…..

I did a speed run  and weights yesterday .  It is not my favorite but so necessary!  Met with Dr. Thea today and she worked me out for an hour on strength and core.  Then went for an easy six miles.  My legs were screaming!  I do know that I will feel much better tomorrow after todays workout!   Many people ask me, what do you think of when you are running 100 mile’s?  Well, it starts with being grateful for everything in my life.  As the miles pass and my legs are so heavy and sore, I start praying for healing.  I ask for guidance and presence that the Lord is with me and soon, he is.  “For I the Lord  thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. {Isaiah 41:13}



Weekend Run

3.5 hours of running yesterday and it felt great.  Then to the gym to lift weights and ending the 6 hour workout with a swim.  I get asked all the time if I am sore.  I am always sore, but in a good way.  I feel my muscles breaking down and rebuilding.  It beats breaking down and wilting away!  You have to work extra hard when you are an aged athlete.  You’re working to maintain, build, and prevent.  I’m not complaining….thrilled is how I feel.  Who says you can’t do it?????  You can!!!!!!

More Recovery

Today was a recovery day for me.  I had my running shoes in the trunk of my car, one and a half hours to kill, so I took off in this beautiful 60 degree weather!  Nice and easy!  I then went to my appointment with Robin.  Robin is my massage therapist and she plays a big roll in muscle relaxation and prevention of injuries.  Her skills are clearly abundant and greatly added as a benefit to all my running.  She deals with diet, essential oils, and vitamins.  So necessary in today’s preventative lifestyle.

Easy ” sixty”

Today was an easy run for sixty minutes!  The sun was shining, the air was cool, my legs felt strong.   My breathing was in a pattern with strength and fulfillment .   I enjoyed the run and was so grateful to be able to get outside and hear the birds, smell the cool air, and see the gentle tide of the ocean.  I feel for me, getting out and ,”connecting” with nature energizes me.  It brings me back to who I am { I AM WHO I AM},  and how grateful I have learned to accept differences in who that is instead of who everyone else wants me to be.  It brings me to prayer for Thanks and gratitude for life today and each day to come.

Speed Workout

It is necessary even for distance runners to work on speed.  I feel it gets your body back into producing fast acting energy.  It is not my favorite workout!  We need to fine tune the short and long supply of energy stores.  Speed is really not a goal in Ultrarunning, it is finishing.  You are really not in competition with anyone but yourself.  If we could remember this on everyday living, life really would not be that demanding.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the passions of life. Proverbs 4:30

Run, Bike, Swim

Yesterday, I divided my workout among the three.  I average around two and a half to three hours of workout everyday.  I feel strong, renewed, and ready for what ever comes when I have finished my workouts.

“Life is hard.”  Scott Peck,  I feel that once you come to terms with this then it isn’t such a let down.  For it is the hardships that you learn and grow the most from.  It is the lesson that life brings to know you are better today than you were yesterday.

Sunday….fun day!

Today, easy ten miles.  This is considered my recovery run.  I felt good!  It is always important to pack enough fluid and electrolytes for your run.   It makes a big difference in how you feel and how you perform.  It has taken me the full three years to, “learn” what my body requires.  You can read 100 books on nutrients and nutrition and 99 of them won’t fit what your body  needs.  Only you can decide what works for you.  I have finally found my concoction!

“Success in life comes to those who simply refuse to give up; individual with vision so strong that obstacles, failure and loss only act as teachings”.  Silken Laumann