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200K Ultra Marathon

Icarus Florida


Pam set a new USA all time age group record in the 24 hour race at 109.3 miles breaking the old record by a ridiculous 15 miles.

Bad Boy Running Ultra Zone

National Running Show - UK

Pam guest speaking on the Bad Boy Running Ultra Zone stage at the 2020 National Running Show in Birmingham, UK

Badwater 135

World’s Toughest Footrace

Pam receiving her finisher’s belt buckle at the 2019 Badwater 135 “World’s Toughest Footrace” where she set a new all time course record of 34:03 for females over 60 and finished first overall female in the 3 race Badwater Ultra Cup.

Brazil 135

Badwater 135 qualifying race

No one in their 60s ever run the Brazil 135 in under 48 hours. Pam ran it in 47:47:43.

Pamela Chapman Markle

Living a life without limits

Pamela Chapman Markle is a 67 year old world class ultra marathoner, cancer survivor, nurse anesthesiologist and inspirational speaker. She’s a 6 time Badwater 135 finisher and winner of the 2019 Badwater Cup.


The emergence of Pamela Chapman Markle as a prolific runner of 100-mile races is as sudden and surprising as it is unlikely.

Pamela never ran in a foot race of any distance before the age of 55; not even a 5k. Her first race ever was the 100-mile Rocky Raccoon Ultra in Huntsville, Texas, in February 2011.

“I had been running in the evenings after work to quiet my mind and something just told me to try a race and see what happened,” she explained.

“I enjoyed the peace and solitude of running alone, so participating in a marathon with thousands of other people didn’t appeal to me so I settled on a 50-miler. “I went to the website for the Rocky Raccoon to sign up for the 50 and it was full, so I chose the 100-miler, which still had slots remaining,” she remembered.


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