Endurance Fueling for Ultra runners

This has been the hardest quest I have encountered on my long runs.  Trying every possible drink, fluids, salts, and foods everyone has recognized.

What I have realized is it is different for everyone out there.  I know how many carbs I’m burning per hour with the weather regulating but what works best for me has been trial and error.  I have finally figured out what I need and when to ingest without the stomach upset.  I find high fats {avocado, olive oil, peanut butter} work well for me.

I stay away from bread, sugar and complex carbs.  I find that fat is my major fuel depending on ketones more than carbs.  I also throw protein every few hours in either by drink or after 60 miles I get hungry and tuna works wonders for me.

I am constantly drinking water with electrolytes.  Train with what works good for you….you’ll know.

Ultra athletes have many different ideas about what works best for them and my suggestion to you is to experiment yourself.

If you’re using high carbs in training then high carbs is good for racing!  Good Luck!!!!

Remember, you are who you are and so is your stomach!

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